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70 South Gallery Presents, ??‚¬?“People, Places & Things.??‚¬?

70 South Gallery Presents,

??‚¬?“People, Places & Things.??‚¬?

Opening to the public April 29, 2017.

Featuring Patricia Galagan, Karen Novotny & Student Photographer Jessica Boudreau.

Cuba has been a fascination for Americans for decades. Its recent history is woven tightly into ours, its proximity enticing. Whatever our ideologies or preconceived notions, Cuba interests us. Our exhibition will feature photographs taken by two American artists from their multiple joint visits ??‚¬?€œbetween 2011 and 2017. Working together, Galagan and Novotny create an insightful portrait of Cuba, her history, and her people.

Patricia Galagan is a fine-art photographer, working mainly in black and white, and drawn to themes surrounding disruption. Karen Novotny is a scientist by temperament and training, but art, architecture, and design are her passions.

Student photographer, Jessica Boudreau, from David Brearley High School, will be showing macro shots focused on nature. Jessica enjoys having the viewer see a piece of the subject in a way they may never have seen it before.